Basics of Property Management

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Homeowners often come to a stage in their lives where their home does not meet the needs of their lives. Growing families, job transfers, the desire for change, all contribute to the growth of the market for rental housing. Others may inherit property, decide to invest in real estate, or want to keep the property to come back to later, decide to rent it instead of selling it. Either way, renters often decide how to properly manage the property. The two most common methods of property management are owner-occupied property management or professional property management. The decision to manage the property yourself or hire a property management company on behalf of the owner often depends on the knowledge, experience and availability of the owner. Homeowners often find that managing their property involves more than just collecting the house. Property managers are responsible for:

o Search for landlords

o Management of contracts and leases

o Improve or hire contractors

o Pay for necessary repairs

o Managing tenants’ problems


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Depending on the agreement between the tenants, landlords and property managers, other duties, including lawn and exterior maintenance, paying taxes and other things, can be added to the duties of the manager. . Those who choose to manage their own rental property can find tenants, maintain the property, and overcome any problems that arise. For people who have a full-time job, another place to live, and other things to manage, managing a rental property can be just more work than they can handle. In such cases, many people turn to professional property management companies to help them manage property-related tasks.



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